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Chewing the Fat on Flexibility: Join Helen Butler & Leonie Green discuss Flexibility.  Helen & Leonie are joined by some amazing people to share their experiences on Flexibility.




Who’s Eating All the Cake?


Bosses have given in to demands for more a more flexible workplace
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Are you leading the way on flexibility?

Is Flexibility for Everyone?

Do Part-Time Employees face unconscious bias?

Quotas – Love them or Loathe them – are they here to stay?

Dad’s aren’t taking paternity leave – why not?

Women start their careers earning 11% less than men …. and it doesn’t stop there …

Is Flexibility for Everyone?  Well yes, says Mike Baird, Premier of NSW.  Check out his ambitious plan for the NSW Government!




According to Hays, their 2015 survey results indicate that the #1 trend in 2016 is Growth of the Flexible Workforce.  The 10th trend is Workplace Diversity.  Watch this space for Flexibility Trends and commentary, as well as Diversity updates as we progress through 2016, and the appointment of Lieutenant General David Morrison AO, and his presence upon the Diversity debate.

Mike Baird has released a study about the state of play in the NSW Government and he’s turned it around, this is his vision on flexibility for 2016 – 2019.

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