Ladies: Put up your hands for Board positions


I’ve been accused of saying the term “crusty ball sack” far too often in our PodCasts on Chewing the Fat on Flexibility much to my dear Leonie Green’s chargrin, but Luke Sayers says it all.

Board’s are suffering due to their innate conservatism and incestuousness. Women add value, they don’t detract. It brings up the whole question of “quotas” and “targets” and the ongoing struggle of women who are battling to get on Boards.

I attended a KickStarter Board Breakfast recently and one of the key takeaway messages was this – Put your hand up and tell people you’re interested! Women, it’s time. Put your hand up. Generalist skills are being more valued than the structured risk, accounting, legal backgrounds. This is a really interesting and I think brave stance by Luke but one that I’m applauding!

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