Flexibility & Getting the Best from your Employees.


Flexibility is becoming more and more common in organisations but we need to be equipped: Everyone needs the tools and knowledge to have a major impact on successfully re-negotiating the workplace productivity and participation: Organisations, Managers & Employees.

“Part of the solution is improving how we work together and how we can get the best out of employees. Anything that enhances how we collaborate will eventually impact the bottom line and tech is an important element that contributes to this.”

Communication in person is also a vital key to ensuring a harmonious, functioning and collaborative workplace, not just banging out emails and hiding behind 4 walls.

Transforming workspaces and IT infrastructure are making it all the more possible to have flexibility in the way you work.  It’s been found that 25 hours/week is the ideal time for being inspired (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/25-hours-workweek-peak-performance-helen-butler?published=t), collaborative, consultative, and why not do that in a high functioning team environment.

Managers now have to manage to results, employees being KPI and results driven rather than hours driven.

Are you equipped?  Why not request our Toolkits or take our Diagnostic on how ready are you for Flexibility?  FlexConnect: Equipping Organisations, Managers & Employees for Flexibility.


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