Annabel Crabb, E-Men & Me

Annabel & Me

Helen is flying solo for this PodCast and had the pleasure of attending the WGEA’s event on Equilibrium Challenge which followed 5 men for 12 months who chose flexibility at work, in different shapes and forms, and for different reasons.

The always delightful Annabel Crabb hosted the conversation, and besides being overwhelmed by her genuineness and charming self, Helen completely fell in love with her shoes! Foxy Lady is all we’ll say! 🙂

(We highly recommend Annabel’s recent Book, “The Wife Drought – Why Men Need Lives, and Women Need Wives” – an eye opening and stunning read on the Australian workplace – it’s amazing).

We’ve whipped up a short PodCast for you on their views, what flex is for them and the conversation that took place around that. It’s encouraging that there is a dialogue around flexibility for men as well as women. Check out their website at  Enjoy!

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