Flexibility for Everyone? Well yes, says Mike Baird, NSW Premier

We are over the moon, excited and delighted to have read Mr Baird’s post.

What more is there to say, we salute you Mike Baird for not only identifying so many issues within your government, highlighting them, and looking to rectify them.  At FlexConnect we are all for the dialogue around flexibility and it seems Mr Baird has hit the nail on the head – impressive!

The current status within the NSW Government has been identified as this:

  • Mike identifies the pay gap in the NSW government as being 17.9%  This is higher than the national average.
  • 64% of government sector employees are women.
  • 36% of senior leadership roles are filled by women.
  • Currently 1-2% of senior leaders in the NSW government work flexibly.

As a result of these findings, check this out:

Mike’s Targets

  • 50% for women to fill these leadership roles by 2017.
  • 100% of NSW government sector roles will be flexible by default by 2019.

Well done Mike Baird, a great initiative and we salute you!


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